Blonding Hack. Less Foils, More Impact!


Some stylist claim that when they finish a Blonding service the hair brightness disappeared in the final look. Most filed masters agree that the issue is over-foiling:

1. Placement Hack
You don’t need 100 foils to achieve a bright blonde result—what you need is strategic placement. The secret to foiling for maximum impact is simple: Build brightness where it counts! Before you even TOUCH a foil, determine the desired end goal, and create a visual map that will guide you through the service.

2. Foilayage:

This technique creates the low-maintenance effect of balayage BUT with brighter, more high-contrast results. Foilyage can help you tackle this issue in a more staregic way:

- Chunky weaves on the first and last set of foils
- Traditional foils in the middle
- Tip-out foils in between for bright ends

A sandwich technique! The “bread” is the Chunky-weaved foils (on top and underneath) everything between is normal foilayage/tip-outs.


3. Place Depth To Create A Bright POP!
High-impact blonding requires creating bold pops. First, examine where the hair naturally moves and falls. Then, create brightness where you will get the most impact—aka where the client sees their hair.


4. Shadow Blonde: Try These Color Formulas

Gloss to seal the cuticle and to naturally enhance—never to correct. Creating blends with foils is to paint as if glossing never existed.
Permanent color to tone? Yes with tone softeners. They shift the colors into a demi-permanent gloss and changes the consistency, making it easy to melt.

You can apply this techniques and see how your blondes can have more impact.


Source. Behind the Chair.