Exploding Trend! Greige Hair Color is the New Hot Technique

Color pros and clients are seeking that perfect blend of blondes and brunettes that aren’t too warm and aren’t too cool. Greige is here.

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Sound impossible? It’s not. Ashes are the answer.

Do a search for “greige blonde” on social media and you’ll see close to a lot of results. It’s the hottest trending shade—a multi-dimensional blonde comprised of cool and creamy tones for a smoky beige result that doesn’t sacrifice shine or reflect. There’s ash, specially calibrated for each level, to tone down brass, and gold to add a more natural result and enhance shine. Another need to know: the formula base is grounded with a brown to tan background to add balance for the most natural-looking blondes and highlights.


If you're a lover of the recent cool-toned hair color movement then it's time to hop on the new multi-dimensional neutral known as Greige. (Read: gray + beige = greige) And if greige isn't already your favorite neutral, it definitely should be.

Here are the 3 top variations to watch out for!

Vanilla Cream

This ash gray gets a creamy ecru-vanilla touch with strokes of balayage. It creates a rich blend of icy tones that we’re loving for fall and winter.


We love the smooth, creamy finish of this deep beige-gray with shadow roots. When paired with warm skin tones, the contrast is striking.

Mocha Balayage

This rich greige shade looks like a sun-kissed mermaid gone edgy—with subtle icy beige balayage on a cool mocha base.

Beige and gray are those catch-all colors you can always rely on: Relaxing, uncomplicated, and universally flattering when it comes to most things, now including. By combining the two shades, you create an ashy neutral that blends the best qualities of each, resulting in a striking, yet incredibly wearable shade. It works on cool and warm skin tones alike to create dynamic blends, whether you're into sandy beige with subtle touches of ash gray or ash gray with rich strokes of biscuit .

Layering hair shades ranging only from cool to neutral browns, blondes, and grays is the secret to getting the perfect tint. We've rounded up the most versatile greige hair color inspirations to show why this neutral needs to be your next pick.


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