Improve your Copper Hair Color with this 3 Hacks!

Improve your Copper Hair Color with this 3 Hacks!

Formulation & Maintenance Tips for Copper Hair Color

If Copper Shades Are Turning Brown, Try These Formulation Fix.

The issue could be in the lift. Browning out typically happens when the hair isn’t lifted enough, do not underestimate how light you need to lift the hair to create the copper you want! Typically if you see a bright Level 6 copper, it was created over a lighter base. If roots are pulling too hot, adding a cool tone into the root formula and keeping the mid to ends two levels higher can be a big help

Keep Reds from Fading Fast!

Like any shade, copper will last longer if the hair is healthy. So sending clients home with quality products is possibly the MOST important part of their copper journey and so it doesn't fade so fast.

Muted Ginger Tips
Muted gingers are a more natural-looking copper with golden undertones
Think more gold than copper. To keep coppers looking natural, formulas should be a Level 8 or higher. Mixing Gold in the formula will create more depth in lighter copper shades. For more of a muted result, mix in a small amount of Pearl to the formula.

Create a brighter, more pigmented result by applying hue-verse permanent colour on the roots. Then at the shampoo bowl, Bel enhances shine by applying hue-verse demi-permanent gloss all-over to bring the shades together.


Source: Behind the Chair