Get a Clean Canvas for Pastels with this 3 Step Hair Hack!

Get Your Pastels Going With This Color Correction Method

Who among clients (and stylists) doesn't adore soft, romantic pastels? We're in for the soft pinks, metallic lavenders, and light blues. We love these current colors, but let's face it: They can be a little frightening, especially if a customer requires significant color correction to achieve the eye-catching pastel they need.

The intimidation will be reduced by the following three steps:

1. Use a bonding agent to prepare the hair for extensive processing. Color correction isn't always simple on the client's hair because of color removal and a lot of lightener. It is suggested to cure bonds. To ensure that your customer doesn't leave the salon with brittle, lifeless hair, a natural bonder works to protect and strengthen the hair while lifting.

2. To get pastel results, lift the hair to at least a Level 6. Use a bleach that may lift the hair up to nine levels to lift the hair and remove previous color. Because of its firmness and the use of hemp oil and aloe vera to prevent breakage and nurture the hair during processing, he favors this particular lightener over others.

Pro tip: Applying lightener to problematic areas first or using a bigger volume developer so they can process for a longer amount of time because color correcting can leave hair a little uneven.


Recommend your clients to try on their color virtually by using a hair color change app so they can see how they feel about the color, most clients think they want to have pastel hair color but they like the idea of it, so they don't necessarily like having pastel hair color.


Source: Behind the Chair