ELC Dao of Hair - RD Protein Cream plus

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The unsurpassed healing & smoothing leave-in styling treatment for medium to coarse hair.

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Silk Amino Acids heal and strengthen.
Certified Organic Olive Oil and Panthenol moisturize.
Titanium Dioxide adds shine and reflects the suns damaging rays.

Leave-In Protein Cream with DaoPlex for Extremely Damaged Hair

This unique protein cream is a multi-functional product design that goes beyond ordinary conditioners. Its innovative packaging and state-of-the-art dispenser controls over usage of the product. RD Protein Cream is ideal for Fine to Medium Hair that is Moderately to Extremely Damaged.

  • Strengthens the internal structure of the hair.
  • Replaces moisture loss from the hair.
  • Reduces hair breakage.
  • Perfect for hair extensions.
  • Prevents chlorine damage.
  • Perfect treatment for dry scalp.
  • Provides thermal and UV protection.
  • Color protection.
  • Great styling and finishing tool!

    Brilliant shine
    UV Protection
    Controls frizz & humidity
    High heat & color protection
    Reduces drying time up to 50%


    For extremely damaged hair, combine RD Hair Serum with RD Protein Cream Plus. Apply a small amount of RD Protein Cream Plus on damp hair. Blow dry to your preferred style. Finish with RD Hair Serum (1-2 Drops) to repair and seal in moisture for healthy results giving brilliant shine!

    RECOMMENDED for medium to coarse hair.

    Great on multi textured hair, extensions & keratin smooth treated hair.


    Silk Protein Complex, Olive Oil, Natural Vitamins B & E, Rosemary, Amino Acids Complex, Titanium Dioxide, Tuberose

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